Leg Warmers & Boot Cuffs/Socks

We’ve all noticed this trend over the past couple of years that has made a come back from the 70s/80s when leg warmers were popular, think the movie Flash Dance with Jennifer Beals, or Fame, or even aerobics!


Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I’m not ashamed to say that I wore these things!

The modern-day leg warmers are very similar to the ones back then, but there are also new updated versions – such as those made with different fabrics, like leather, or boot socks/cuffs with ruffles and/or buttons down the side. These accessory items can be worn in a variety of ways with slippers, shoes, boots, or barefoot; as well as, casually or dressed up — they’re versatile and have really come a long way!

To top it off they’re really inexpensive!

Below are some Ribbed Leg Warmers, more of the traditional style, though not as thick as I remember them being way back when.


I’m wearing them with slightly faded black jeans, so it’s a little hard to distinguish between the jeans and the top of the leg warmers.  Because they’re a ribbed knit, they’re stretchy and could fit just about anyone or fit over just about anything. And yup, as the name implies, they’re warm 😉 I’d wear these with boots or booties, or tennis shoes if I were going to go work out. These are also made of acrylic fiber, so you can wash them and not worry that they’ll felt or shrink in the washer or dryer.

The top with thumb holes, is from Kohls. I’ll link to both toward the bottom of the post. [FYI the listing title on Amazon for the leg warmers above states “cable knit”, though they are knit, they are not “cable knit”, which is different from “ribbed knit”.]

The buttoned-up ones below are from WholeSaleBuying, they look like they’re aqua on the site and in person, so not sure why they say they’re “light blue” (click photo to enlarge):20160107_14282420160107_150657-1

The quality is okay for the price, there are some strings here and there, they look good, but they’re cheap. As for durability, that is questionable. My legs are short, so the flip over was actually necessary rather than optional. Link to purchase is toward the bottom of this post.

What do you think of leg warmers and boot cuffs/socks? Do you wear them, if so how?

*Disclaimers: The Ribbed Leg Warmers (in black) were given to me complimentary in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

If you are interested in the Ribbed Leg Warmers, they are available ion Amazon for $4.99 + $1.69 shipping. They also have a variety of colors available.

Additional Links:

Prices current at the time of writing this post.

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