Treatsie Sweets Box (last month’s)

With finals finally being over, hopefully I can catch up some, though I won’t hold my breath because Monday starts my last quarter which pretty much consists of reviewing, board prep, clinical skills testing, taking the actual board certification, then we start full-time M-F 8-5 Externship in week 6. It came so fast!!!




February’s box, was themed “Love is all you need”, which is not surprising because of Valentines’ Day.



There were 4 items in this box:

  • Salem Baking Co.Chocolate Morovian Cookies: “Rich semisweet chocolate is melted down, poured into the cookie batter and then combined with premium cocoa powder for a well-rounded flavor that’s intensely chocolatey with just the right amount of sweet.” By the description and by the tin, I got the impression that these would be similar to Girl Scout Thin Mints, but less the minty flavor. So I was a little disappointed when I opened them to find that they were very thin and crispy wafers. About a third of the wafers were broken, but still edible. They had a slight cocoa flavor, only slightly sweet. Probably would be good with something like a sweet dip, or even as a base (instead of graham crackers) for s’mores.
  • Seattle Chocolates
    • Pink Bubbly Truffle Bar: “This dark chocolate bar is crafted using freeze-dried raspberries in white chocolate with all-natural popping candy pieces that tickle the palate like champagne bubbles.” Now this chocolate bar was pretty good, great combination of flavor and texture! But I’m a sucker for a bar with those popping candies in it! The raspberry filling was just right – not overly sweet and it had that slightly tart raspberry flavor.
    • Just For You Truffle Bar: “Crafted just for you, this bar includes creamy caramel pieces and a hint of sea salt in milk chocolate.” This bar was good, the caramel wasn’t pronounced it almost felt like the filling had sort of merged with the chocolate. The salt was not overpowering in this either.
  • Shotwell Candy Co.Classic Tennessee Toffee: “This crunchy toffee is made with a splash of barrel-aged bourbon and a handful of fresh roasted pecans, then finished off with a covering of dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt.” To me this wasn’t anything special, like other toffees I have tried before, crunchy toffee surrounded by chocolate with some nuts and salt thrown in. While good, it just wasn’t stand-outish enough.

While this box was good, for the theme, I thought it fell short a bit. Where was the decadence?  Plus it seems like almost every box I’ve received so far has had toffee in it. Don’t get me wrong, toffee is good, but oddly there CAN be a limit. I would have preferred something else instead, mix it up, more softer items, anything (almost) except hard candies, toffees, or strictly caramels! Unique items, like those Kitchen Sink bars they had in one of the boxes or specialty boxes. And enough already with the sea salt! I’m sea salted overloaded! Plus I need to cut out as much salt as I can, not add more in! Of course, those are just my opinions 🙂 I do still love a good sweet box though!

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Treatsie Sweets

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