The Konjac Facial Sponge Set


I’ve been seeing these konjac sponges around quite a bit lately and have been intrigued by them from the moment I saw them. Mostly because I was skeptical that something that looked like a rock, or something you would cleanse your body with, could be used on your face with results other than skin-disastrousness (yes, I’m making up my own words again ;)).

This is the Konjac Facial Sponge Set by Partie Naturals. It comes with three konjac sponges: with bamboo charcoal added, with green tea added, and a natural one. Also included in the box was a silicone facial pad/brush with a suction cup backing, and a plastic hook with a suction cup backing.


What is Konjac? Luckily, the box has a bit of information on the subject and I don’t have to look it up:

“For more than 2,000 years, Konjac is a plant used as food and traditional medicine in China. Glucomannan is the main element in Konjac. It’s a water soluble dietary fiber. The Konjac and Glucomannan is widely used throughout the food and beauty industry. […] What is the Konjac Sponge? […] 100% natural in cleansing the face and body. It is purely made from the Konjac plant. […] absolutely ideal for all skin types, even newborn babies. The sponge cleanses, detoxes, hydrates, and balances the skin. Natural glow and softness of the skin will return with daily usage. Benefits and daily use: […] without chemical additives – […] blood circulation are improved and dead cuticles are removed – deep cleanse […] – natural weak alkalinity: the Konjac sponge keeps the alkalinity status of the human body. – […] balances the pH level in order to clean your face and body.”

Since they only provided one hook, I decided to just try the green tea one for right now. The box recommends replacing these sponges every 30 days anyway. That’ll extend the use if I use them one at a time as opposed to trying all three at the same time. I wet the sponge and it took quite a bit of rinsing and squeezing before it felt like it was fully saturated with water. The texture after wet is like a sponge, but with a silicone/gel/jelly like slippery feel to it. For my initial use, I decided to use it on a freshly cleansed face. Because of the silicone/gel-like surface it wasn’t abrasive feeling on my skin and it was a rather pleasant relaxing experience moving the sponge around my face in slow circles. Afterward, I tried the silicone brush, I’ve had one of these before, so it wasn’t anything new, but it was good to use around my nose area or areas where I know my pores get clogged easily by oil, debris, and makeup. It was as if I had just completed a hydrating face mask session, with the glow and fresh skin look, and a textural skin difference. This sponge really surprised me, and it’s no wonder that people like it so much!

It’s made of natural ingredients, this one in particular with the bamboo and the green tea – both purported by other sources as being anti-microbial or anti-microbial bio-agents. That said, I am still a little concerned because I noticed that though I squeezed it out as much as I could (as directed) and hung it up on my bathroom mirror using the provided hook/suction cup, it doesn’t dry completely within 24 hours. I also let it sit for almost 48 hours just to see and a small portion of it was still not completely dried. I know I will just have to move it to another location, possibly higher so that it can have more access to air, and see if that helps.


The brush suction cup doesn’t want to work properly, as I always find it on the counter the next morning.

Other than that, I don’t really see anything wrong with this product, works fabulously and I have only been using it about every 2-3 days (I’d use it more if I didn’t love my other makeup remover cloth – the HappyFace one – as much as I do)!

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This evaluation and review is an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and is written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

You can purchase this on Amazon:

Price and availability current as of the time of writing this post.

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6 thoughts on “The Konjac Facial Sponge Set

  1. Hey Julz, I have tried a similar type of sponge and it’s great. I can’t use too many abrasive products on my skin but this sponge really does a good job of completing an exfoliation without irritation. xo

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    • I agree! It’s a gentle exfoliate. Just thought of something, I wonder if you could attach one of these sponges to one of those microdermabrasion/cleansing systems (like clairsonic), I’ve always found those brushes to be too abrasive. Hmm… now I’m going to have to try it, hopefully I still have my old one tucked away somewhere.

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