Orange Glad & Treatsie Sweets March Boxes


Orange Glad March Box – “Let the adventure Begin”

  • Theo Chocolate – Almond Coconut Bar: “Celebrate spring early with crunchy almonds and toasted coconut in smooth, rich 65% dark chocolate – Nutty and refreshing.” The dark chocolate in this is really intense and the other flavors are subtle. I’ve had a higher percentage of cocoa in other bars that were just as intense and bars with the same amount that were much subtler. I didn’t really care for this one.
  • Hagensborg – Truffle Piglets in Dark Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Milk Caramel: “Frolic in absolute truffle heaven with a bite size of All Natural European chocolate bliss with the three top selling flavors of the chocolate piglets.” These were really good, but that’s all that I remember about them. LOL.
  • Salem Baking Co. – Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies: “These bright and zesty Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies capture the tastes of early spring with the finest grated Meyer lemon zest. Enjoy this with a cup of tea while sitting on your porch and watching hours pass as the flowers start to bloom.” This is the same company that made the chocolate ones that I thought were more like wafers. I haven’t tried these yet.
  • Three Kids and A Kitchen – Original & Salted Caramel Snack Pack: “Handcrafted old fashioned and salted caramels paired to create a smooth, rich treat that literally melts in your mouth.” These were really good, they were gooey, but not sticky gooey, rich and creamy. Some of the best caramels I’ve had!
  • Clairesquares – Jammy Jacks: “Claire puts a fresh spin on the traditional Irish Flapjacks by adding a juicy raspberry jam center to create a chewier, fruity version of this crunch classic. Jammy Jacks are wonderful sweets treats and are packed with energy-giving oats to power you through an arduous hike or bike ride. This recipe was inspired by their ice cream collaboration with Haagen-Dazs.” These were like granola, but chewier and softer. I don’t normally like granola, but would eat these any day!



Treatsie Sweets March Box – “hello Spring”

  • Nunu Chocolates – Chocolate-Covered Graham Crackers: “A crunchy treat. Graham crackers dipped in 53% chocolate with a little fleur de sel to top it off.” I’ve had chocolate covered graham crackers in another sub, I didn’t think there was anything with these look or flavor-wise that stood out. They tasted exactly like chocolate covered graham crackers.
  • Bees & Beans – honey Bar Junior: “Honey caramel is mixed with hazelnut nougat and hand-dipped in premium chocolate with Oregon sea salt.” I don’t normally care for nougat, but I liked this! Nice honey flavor.
  • Clairesquares – Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Square: “Buttery shortbread base is combined with a smooth caramel center and a Belgian chocolate topping.” Exactly as the description, did not disappoint!
  • B.T. Mcelrath – Chocolate Bites: “Savory butter caramel enrobed in chocolate. Enjoy both milk and dark chocolate flavors!” These were also very good!


I love getting these boxes. I prepaid subs for these, so am getting at least one more Orange Glad box, and a couple or so more Treatsie Sweet boxes before my subs end. Will be so sad to let them go, but it’s for the best – weight-wise and finances-wise…

Want to subscribe to get Orange Glad in your mailbox monthly? Click here.

Treatsie Sweets Subscription Box, use the code FRBUCO01 to get double the amount of sweets in your first box. Subscriptions start at $19.95/month.

Treatsie Sweets

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