Hey Face Mask Lovers! Guess What?!


Maskbox has JUST launched! I’m so excited! I’ve been following them on Instagram and have been anticipating their launch so that I could subscribe. That day is finally here! Woot!

So what is Maskbox? Here’s the info from their About Page:

“Based in Los Angeles, Mask Box is a subscription box company focused on sharing carefully selected Korean sheet masks from Seoul, Korea. Our mission is to provide sheet masks on a regular basis, hence navigating the advanced world of Korean skincare products for you, while helping you stick to a skincare regimen through your selected delivery schedule.”

Their subscriptions start at $10/month, but they have several choices: Hydration Box, Brightening Box, Anti-Aging Box, Luxury Box, and Combo Box – they also have Double Boxes if you wanted a double quantity of those boxes. Each box contains 3 masks (6 masks for double boxes; except for Luxury Box which contains 2 masks or 4 masks for double).

You can subscribe per month, for 6 months, or for 12 months. They also have a One-Time Order page.

I went with the 6 month Combo Box:


“The Combination Box offers a selection of sheet masks that target a variety of skincare needs. They will include a mix of hydration, anti-aging, and brightening effects like our other boxes… plus other types of niche benefits we come across that are amazing, including calming and refreshing masks.” {photo copyright: MaskBox}

Shipment are scheduled to be mailed out between the 5-8th of each month. The 1st shipment should go out in less than 2 weeks!

So if you’re a mask lover and subscription box junkie, ahem like me… go check them out!


Use this special code: IGLOYALTY
This will give you a FREE mask for the duration of your pre-order subscription (i.e. 6 month subscription = 6 free masks total, one per month), while supplies last.

[I was given permission to post this code :)]

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