Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Hello Strangers, it’s been years! I’m back to blogging. I’ve been doing it primarily on Instagram and mostly about food. Thought I’d transition to actually blogging about food again. 🙂 [BTW many links in past posts may not work… it’s literally been years since I’ve blogged here.]

Today is National Ice Cream Day! Didn’t want to miss out on all the sweet fun everyone was having, decided to make my own creation.

Introducing coffee chip toasted burnt marshmallow ice cream! It’s coffee chip keto French ice cream from Simple Truth topped with cut up burnt marshmallows from Max Mallow and drizzled with toasted marshmallow syrup from Skinny Syrups.

While I’m not doing the Keto diet strictly, I do try to have low carb foods whenever possible (excepting the last 3 weeks, there have been just too many carb loaded foods to try!).

And excuse the post layout, trying to refigure out how this all works HAHA!

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