Shop Miss A – Makeup & Jewelry Haul

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The other day I was browsing though YouTube and came across a haul review of Shop Miss A. Everything on that site is $1!!! So naturally, I had to check it out myself. It’s easy to splurge on that site, but I limited myself to under $30 ($28 to be exact ūüėČ + $3.95 flat rate shipping). You can see from above that I got a variety of items and I’m so excited to see them all (excuse the photos, I’m having crappy lighting issues and also had to drop my aperture down).

The site is fairly easy to browse through. I placed my order and checked out late afternoon/early evening on the 15th, got the notice of shipment email the very next day, and received the package today, 10/20. A quick and painless shopping experience.


Here’s the list:

Jewelry – They’re cheap, but look pretty! On the two cuffs there are some webs of glue, but nothing that can’t be cleaned up quickly. The anklet, however, has some black spots where it looks like the metallic paint wore off, but maybe I can find some shiny silver and paint over it or something. One of the necklaces came with a pair of earrings, but sadly, I can’t wear them :(. ¬†Drop and layered necklaces and bracelets are my fave and I love costume jewelry, so should put these to¬†good use, plus I ordered a full length mirror that opens up to jewelry storage — need to put that to use :). 6 necklaces (1 is with the bracelets) : Pearl & Metallic Layered in Gold, Pearl & Metallic Layered in Silver, Caged Pearl Lariat in Silver, Circle Lariat in Gold, Beaded Circle Chain Link Collar Choker in Gold, Crystal Bead Layered in Clear/Silver;¬†3¬†bracelets/1 anklet/1 ring : Layered Pearl And Bead in Silver Bracelet in Silver, Stone & Gem Accent Arm Cuff in White, Stone & Gem Accent Arm Cuff in Blue, Pearl & Crystal Anklet, Iridescent Cluster Stone Ring in Blue

Kara Eyelashes #415 Black – says it’s 100% human hair

Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler in Blue – I like that it’s spring loaded. It also comes with an extra replacement pad. Hopefully this one works better than my old pair.

Kleancolor Angled Blush Brush ¬†(#CB757) – made with goat hair, it’s not as soft as I would have liked, but it’s not rough (like those that feel like sandpaper or like you’re brushing your face with straw). I do like the curved angle¬†of the top.

Kleancolor Pixie Eyes Liquid Liner & Cream Eyeshadow in Girly and Tinsel. I thought the liner would be a color similar to the eyeshadow (unless I didn’t read the description correctly, which is possible), but they’re both black. The eyeshadow is just in that tiny colored portion at the very top and has one of those spongy/foam things for application. ¬†The liner dries pretty shiny, but I like it.

Kleancolor Pixie Jar Pigment Saturated Liquid & Pencil Liner Set (in black). The roll up pencil is the silver part and you pull it out of the wand shaft. Then the wand unscrews from the bottom heart and becomes the pot and liner. ¬†It’s the same black liquid liner as in the Pixie Eyes.

BeautyTreats Bunny Lip Balm 02 Mint – Had to get it because of the container, it’s so cute! It smells really good too!

Kleanista High Shine Lip Gloss in Clear – Smells like candy and the bottle makes me think perfume potion or something. It doesn’t come with a wand, I guess you squeeze it, but the cap is cracked so the seal is loose. Was hoping I could throw this in my purse and apply on the go, but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, don’t want it leaking all over the place.

L.A. Colors Lip Trio in Neopolitan – I got this one because I was intrigued by the trio, I’ll have to figure it out.

L.A. Colors Moisturizing Glossy Lips Sheer Lipgloss in Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy – it has that cheap lip gloss smell (or fruity/candyish car freshener that you hang on the AC vent smell) and kinda chemical smelling to, not sure how else to describe it. The gloss comes out by pumping the top and it wets the brush at the top, it’s a little weird, as I feel like I have to squeeze and pump at the same time and only a little bit comes out at a time. I love the shimmer, but don’t know if I can deal with the smell (not to mention it probably tastes awful too if it smells like that).

Santee 2 in 1 Lipcolor & Lipstick 02 – the gloss at the bottom smells like strawberries!

Santee Super Extend Lipgloss in 10 & 11 – they smell a little lemony. Both are pretty sparkly.

I also got three pairs of sunglasses: Melanie in Black, Amelia in Black, and Adriana in Brown, not sure what happened to the photo of them! I did take one! If I remember, I’ll reshoot them.


All in all, I think it was a great haul and I’d shop there again just to try new products and EVERYTHING is $1. Can’t beat that!

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