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TJP_9312New day, new haul. Shop Miss A posted that they had Mystery Bags available, so I jumped in on that. To get free standard shipping I had to have $30 worth of items. Originally, I wanted to get 3 of the mystery bags (@ $5ea which included 12 mystery items in a bag), but they were in my cart too long and I ended up losing one of them. Below are the $20 worth of items I added to my cart to supplement the bags, lol, remember everything at Shop Miss A‘s is a $1 (well, except for the $5 mystery bags, right? ha!). I’ll go through one of the mystery bags in another post, the other bag I’m saving for a giveaway down the line.TJP_9317

This order actually took a little longer to be shipped and received than my initial one and I’m wondering if it was because A) the mystery bags prompted a frenzy of sales, and/or B) because it was free shipping. Hmm… Don’t you hate that though? If you qualify for free shipping and it ends up taking much longer than usual, like it’s less of a priority to get it out than an order that is paying for shipping? Doesn’t seem right. But that’s JMHO. Anyway, ordered on the 1st, shipped on the 6th, received on the 9th. This time it came in a huge box instead of a bag!

What the mystery bags look like:
TJP_9327For the 1st items added: sort of a purply-pink, dark gray, and white argyle scarf, and a cute little Superstar Fashion Heel Socks:

TJP_9320I forgot to keep the tag for the scarf, so not sure what it’s made of. It’s a soft material similar to felt.  The little heel socks are comfy, like nylons though and doesn’t do much as far as keeping your toes warm. I have size (US) 7.5-8.5 feet depending on the shoes (or socks) and these socks are one-size and are fitted. If your feet are larger than 9, they may not fit or may be too tight.

TJP_9325You may recall in my 1st shopping haul from them that I got some liquid eyeliner / eye pencil (or shadow) duos. Anyhow, the liquid liner is amazing as far as staying power. It literally took me several attempts with a makeup remover wipe to remove (this after attempting several times with a dry tissue) from my skin. When shopping again this time, I came across the cool looking metallics to the right, Kleancolor Alter Ego Metallic Eyeliner Duo. Below are the swatches – liquid then pencil, liquid then pencil, so on and so forth. (sorry my skin looks so dry, ick!). Swatches from left to right: Blue, Teal, Purple, Copper, Gold, and Silver. The eyeliner pencils wipe off easily, probably too easily, so my main focus is on those liquid liners! LOVE! That teal and silver though, swoon! I just love eyeliner pots too! Too cute!20151109_203156

Next we have Beauty Treats Purrrfect Pout Lipsticks (Lazy Days, Itty Bitty Kitty, and Playful) – the tops are shaped like kitties, and Santee color Revolution Lipstick TJP_9323(leopard print; color #2), Kleancolor Retractable Eyebrow Pencils (med brown, dark brown, and black), and Kleancolor Smokin’ Cream Eyeshadow in Sterling. To the left is LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Energy Source, Kleanista American Eyedol Wet/Dry Baked Shadow in Glitter Teal, Kleanista High Shine Lip Gloss in Beige Frost, and Kleanista Cream Lipstick in Chocolate.TJP_9319

Swatches below, from left to right: Kleanista Cream Lipstick (chocolate), Santee Color Revolution Lipstick (#2), Beauty Treats Purrrfect Pout Lipsticks (Lazy Days, Itty Bitty Kitty, Playful), Kleanista High Shine Lip Gloss (Beige Frost), and Kleanista American Eyedol Wet/Dry Baked Shadow (Glitter Teal)20151109_204559

20151109_203728Above – Kleancolor Smokin’ Cream Eyeshadow (Sterling). Below – Kleancolor Retractable Eyebrow Pencils (med brown, dark brown, and black)20151109_20492820151109_210301And this is what happens to your arm when you’re swatching! haha. It’s all good though!

As I said, I’ll update another post (likely not the very next post) with the contents of one of the mystery bags.

Until next time! (my stomach is growling, time for food!)

Qs4 my readers: Know of any other bargain beauty/jewelry sites? LMK!

3 thoughts on “Shop Miss A Haul

    • Their jewelry is hit or miss, but they have very cute products overall and can’t beat that price! Those eyeliner duos (liquid part) have been my go to since I got them from my 1st order. Let me know what you think of it if you place an order, always interested in hearing others’ POVs.


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