bildschirmfoto-2015-09-23-um-8-17-16-nachm1A few days ago, out of the blue, I was invited to become an Ambassador, a “#MirinaGirl“, for Mirina Collections. Naturally, I checked them out via their website and through some internet research… and was blown away. They sell gorgeous handcrafted jewelry — statement pieces that are amazingly stunning. At this point, I was very interested in becoming one of their #MirinaGirls. But first, I had a few questions about the ambassadorship. They answered them honestly, which I very much admire. Transparency in a company, I believe wholeheartedly, is very important, and if I were going to represent a company, I wanted to be sure that there was nothing misleading that could turn around and bite me on the you know what. I was pleased with their answers and gladly accepted their invitation.

A little more information about this company that they passed on to me:

“Currently, Mirina Collections is in 12 countries worldwide that include the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France, Russia, Norway, Spain, Turkey and of course the United States where we have our home base in Miami, Florida. […]

Mirina Collections is family owned and operated and we do not mass produce our collection. Our pieces are plated from 925 sterling silver with various gems and crystals being used in each design.”

As an ambassador, I will receive a necklace of my choosing from their Famous Necklaces collection at a heavy discount (basically half the cost of metals/materials), plus shipping. I chose “Jess” and should receive it in about 4 weeks. Since they are handcrafted, made-to-order, it takes time to process, anywhere between 2-4 weeks on average. This is the photo representation, from their website, of the piece I chose:


Gorgeous, right?! Here are a couple of my faves from their collection:

In addition, I get to pass along a coupon code to my followers for
20% off sitewide!
 Just use the code:
at MirinaCollections.com

Also, for the subscription box junkies, they have a Collection Box, that’s $39.99/mo. Subscribed, you’ll receive a Famous Necklace, 1 ring or ringset, and a hand picked designer item every month. (link)

I just subbed to the Collection Box try it out, I’m really excited to see what comes, and over-anxious to receive the necklace I chose for my ambassadorship! Will definitely blog post about them when they come in! It would be absolutely amazing if they turn it around quicker than expected and it comes before Christmas so I can wear it to lunch with my bestie when she comes into town on the 26th. *crossing fingers*!




5 thoughts on “#MirinaGirl

  1. For the collection box, there was actually a misunderstanding, as I misinterpreted some wording, so I ended up not doing it. I may, but want to wait and get my other order before making the decision.


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