Shop Miss A – Mystery Bag


Leave it to me to put these to the side and totally forget about them! As I mentioned in the original post for the Shop Miss A Haul 2, I’m keeping one of the bags as part of a future giveaway and will only be opening and unveiling the other one.

If you’re not familiar with Shop Miss A‘s all of the products there are $1, with exception to these bags, which were available only as supplies lasted (I got the last 2. Was going to get 3, but they stayed in my cart to long and I missed out on the 3rd one). Not sure how often they put these bags together, but I’m guessing they only do it from time to time. And they have flat rate shipping which is really reasonable. At the time of my purchase they had free shipping for orders of $30+. (FYI, I’m not affiliated with this shop, nor am I being paid, just a customer, and someone who likes to enable others to shop :))TJP_9327

These “Miss-Tery” Bags were described as: “Mix + match awesome, one-of-a-kind finds from the ShopMissA Vault, (12 items inside each Miss-tery Bag!)”

The bags are orange organza and filled with little goodies. I had assumed that it would be a combination of items from their “vault” including makeup and other items, but it was made up of only costume jewelry and accessories.

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  • Faux pearl necklace
  • Studded triple triangle necklace
  • Green metal headband
  • Dangly key chain w/cross
  • Faux pearl & rhinestones bobby pins
  • Black gem earrings
  • Gold tone & rhinestone clip-on earrings (some of the rhinestones fell out and are loose in the package)
  • Leather bracelet
  • Gold tone cuff bracelet with black and clear gems (which fell off so needs to be glued back on)
  • Gold tone and rhinestone ring
  • Pink flower ring with rhinestones
  • Ornate fan

For $5, I guess it’s not bad! Being what it is, it’s hit or miss sometimes. I do like most of the items, though will probably not wear the earrings (my ears are too sensitive) or use the fan or keychain. Also, since a couple of the pieces were broken in this bag, I think I’m going to open the other one to make sure that none of those are. If so, then I’ll be sure to fix them or replace them before giving it away.

Did you get a Mystery Bag? If so, what do you think of your items? Did you get something you really liked?

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