Lamb & Pork Stew

lamb pork stew

Somedays call for stews, even though it’s scorching hot outside… just eat it inside where it’s nice and cool from AC! This dish was just kind of a go with the flow as far as preparation and ingredients, so no real measurements on everything.

Once that was done, in a separate pan/pot (I use one similar to a wok), drizzled olive oil. When hot, added fresh sliced onions, and from the pressure cooker – onions, aji panca chile, whole garlic, then some whole fresh ripe and green cherry tomatoes, minced smoked garlic, 1 sliced red striped bell pepper, 1/2 sliced green bell pepper, and 2 sliced jalapeno. Let those veggies soften before adding some black garlic that had been soaking in water.

Added in the hocks (bones removed), about a cup of extra dry vermouth, tbsp fish sauce, 2 tbsp dark aged balsamic, 2 tsp Sicilian lemon white balsamic (lemon juice would work just fine), and strained in some of the broth from the pressure cooker. Brought it a boil, then added 2 tsp of harrisa spice blend.

Started off with about a pound of lamb stew meat, and 2 pork hocks, 2 stalks of celery, an onion cut in half, whole garlic (top and roots cut off), 1 dried aji panca chile, fresh lovage herb, olive wood olive oil, water, and smoked sea salt. Put it in the Ninja Foodie XL and slow cooked it for about 2 1/2 hours to draw out the flavor and create a richer broth. Then switched it to pressure cook for 30 minutes to tenderize the meats.

Lastly, added the sliced zucchini and golden oyster mushrooms and let simmer until zucchini was tender to my liking. Served topped with chopped lovage. Lovage is an herb, to me it tastes like a strong, pungent cross between celery and parsley. A very little goes a long way!

I’m a big fan of using locally-sourced and home-grown ingredients and used them when I can. Locally-sourced lamb stew meat from @graze_the_prairie; lovage, zucchini, smoked garlic, garlic, black garlic, and smoked sea salt from @oriesfarmfresh; green bell pepper from Elk Creek Produce (possibly) via @oldtownfarmandartmarket; jalapenos and cherry tomatoes from my garden, and golden oyster mushrooms home grown on my kitchen table.

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