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But first… life-stuff update: This week has been interesting, started my new (and final) quarter. Yesterday was ok, but we received news that we would take our RMA Certification Exam (THE BIG EXAM)  on Monday the 21st! Imagine how surprised and completely freaked out we were! But it’s been pushed to Tuesday, still not a whole lot of time to do a review, but hopefully we’ll be ready by then! All this time I’ve been getting nothing but As in my classes and on my exams, but yesterday I took 5 pre-tests that a former instructor had uploaded for us and got two 68s, a 69, a 70, and a 72 (reverse order, so progressively worse). Today, in class we took an official pre-test, heh. I got a 76%… but I’m trying not to sweat it and I’m trying to look on the positive side – our instructor (really she’s our externship coordinator, so I’ll just call her EC from here-on-out) told us that her previous classes scored in the 30s on this test. So our class, on average, scored much better. Tomorrow we do another pre-test, and then Thursday we do the harder and longer pre-test. Sigh. Makes me glad I don’t have pottery class tonight. Oh that’s another thing, there is no more night class option, only days from here on out and no more sleeping in, except on weekends. Getting up yesterday morning was taxing! I’ll get used to it though.

Trying to keep this in mind:


But yeah, that’s where things are with me right now!


Try The World Thailand Box (February’s box, I believe)

With a subscription to Try The World, you get a box every other month. I wanted the Thailand box, which I wasn’t scheduled to receive, so I purchased it separately. Same with the Paris box (which I’ll post separately at another time) – that had already been in a previous month that I missed, but luckily they had it available to purchase as a Gift. I also just got March’s box a few days ago, which is Portugal, so that’ll be in a separate post another time, as well.





The box was curated by Chef Jet Tila, which is very cool because I’ve seen him on TV/cooking channels quite a bit and it’s always exciting when you receive things that “famous” people put together, you know what I mean?! LOL

Anyway, it says that Chef Jet Tila is “the son of the first US Thai grocery store owners,  […] learned how to cook Thai cuisine with his grandmother. Today, he is a regular judge on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and is Thailand’s first-ever Culinary Ambassador. He is the chef-owner of Pakpao Thai restaurant in Texas.”

In this box:

  • Eros Soft Dried Jackfruit: “Thai families generally buy fruit and vegetables from trucks in the street that announce their daily selection. This product forms an important part of the diet. Locals eat the fresh or dried variety as a snack during the day.”
  • Chiwadi Coconut Flower Syrup: “A common sweetener, this hand-harvested syrup is made by collecting the nectar that flows from coconut blossoms when they are cut. The producer provides fair wages and funds projects in western Thailand.”
  • Virgin Coco Coconut Crispy Rolls: “In Thai, these crumbly cookies are called thong muan. Thong means gold, so giving these cookies to someone as a gift is interpreted as a wish for wealth. They’re particularly delicious alongside traditional Thai tea.”
  • Jasberry Jasberry Rice: “This new strain of rice is packed with antioxidants and fiber, making it one of the most healthful varieties. It’s also fair trade: Jasberry employs only small-scale producers and shares profits with farmers and cooperatives.”
  • Nittaya Thai Curry Curry Paste: “Long ago, Thai cooks took inspiration from Indian curry to create a distinct variation with fresh herbs. Based on their traditional family recipe, Nittaya is known for its quality and as a staple ingredient in Thai home kitchens.”
  • Chaidim Herbal Tea: “Chiadim grows organic aromatics in northern Thailand to create healthful tea blends, such as these three made with lemongrass. A natural tonic, the herb has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties.”
  • Lumlum Tom Yum Soup Set: “A perfect balance of sour and spicy, Tom Yum Soup is known for its medicinal properties. The spices included in this set are harvested from a small village in northern Thailand and make it easy to cook your own at home.
  • Siammit Spicy Rice Crackers: “Thailand is the second largest rice exporter in the world, and rice forms the base of most Thai dishes. These crackers are a great variation on the staple grain: full of flavorful spices, they’re an incredibly addicting snack.”

The theme on the back of the culture guide is “A Thai Afternoon” and has suggestions for Thai tea,  playlist of music, and a Thai dinner for four. The recipes that are provided that include some of the ingredients:

  • Green Curry Chicken
  • Jasberry Rice Pudding

I just love reading about these cultures and the background stories behind each ingredient! – it just adds so much more to the whole experience! I haven’t had a chance to try any of these items or recipes yet – luckily, they don’t look like they’ll perish anytime soon. Hopefully, I will be able to make something of it on a day I can actually take my time and enjoy it!

I have made a couple more dishes with some of the ingredients from the Spain and Holiday boxes though 🙂 I’ll post another dish using a couple of items from the Spain box tomorrow (hopefully).

Want to Try The World, for yourself? You can get $15 off your 1st box. Link 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Try The World Thailand Box

  1. OMG, I just came back from Thailand a couple of weeks ago! I love their food! People think that it’s all spicy and it’s not! I mean their spicy food is no joke but not everything is spicy… Loved it!

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