Pura d’or Vitamin C Serum

Professional Strength 20% Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

20160308_012005Product description via Amazon:

“[…] an effective anti-aging serum infused with all plant base ingredients including Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Ferulic Acid and Super Anti-Oxidants What It Does: […] Super Concentrated formula is designed to target skin imperfections. Our special ingredient blend aids skin to appear firmer, with increased elasticity.All Vitamin has a natural sour smell to it. It is the smell of ascorbic acid combined with our active ingredients. We do not add in any artificial fragrance to try to cover this up. So a normal user is not aware of this and think it has gone bad. Boosted with Hyaluronic acid, this serum leaves skin balanced in a delicate vibrant shine. Lasting softness is acheived, all while neutralizing harmful free radicals.”

Unlike the Pura d’or products that have a completely disclosed list of ingredients (at least those that I have previously reviewed), this one lists its first ingredient as “organic herbal infusion” – which I would assume is the “special ingredient blend” they mention in their description and probably what they consider proprietary, thus the non-disclosure. That always gives me pause because you won’t know if you’re allergic to a certain ingredient contained within their secret blend until you actually try the product. In a sense, they’re excluding a lot of potential customers that way, as I know for certain that a friend of mine has allergies to some beauty product ingredients so she would definitely be one to stay away from this on the off-chance that it might contain something that would cause her to have an allergic reaction.

But that aside,  like their other products, this comes in an amber bottle, glass, with a rubber dropper top. The serum is very thick, it’s semi-transparent, but cloudy. It looks and feels kind of slimy – like mucous or aloe.


The scent is very strong, though the description says “natural sour smell”, it’s not sour – out of the bottle it’s very heavy and astringent – tea tree oil and eucalyptus come to mind. Upon application, the heavy initial fragrance mellows out quite a bit. It’s sticky to the touch on skin and leaves a little bit of a glaze or sheen, but after a little while the stickiness fades.

As with almost anything containing hyaluronic acid, for me, it made my skin a little red at first, but only temporarily. Once the stickiness went away my skin felt softened, but there was still a slight “skidding” feel as opposed to a “gliding” feel if I ran my fingers over it – if that makes sense. That observation, however, may not be something that you’d normally automatically notice, especially if you apply a moisturizer afterward.

It’s a pretty good serum, and if not for the stickiness, I would probably like this a lot more.

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*Disclaimer: These products were given to me at a discount in exchange for honest and unbiased reviews. These evaluations and reviews are an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and are written in the same manner as if I had bought them at full-price, been given as gifts, or received as samples.

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