Noteworthy for Mask Lovers

The link to the article below was on my Facebook feed today, I thought it was interesting enough to pass on to my face mask loving followers!

How To Make The Most Of Your Mask by Jolene Edward

Intro blurb:salazar-elliot-mostofmask-20160224-2000x2400-opener

“As beauty editors, we’re among the first to experience every new skin/hair/makeup potion that comes into existence on our watch. (Hey, it’s a living.) And, sure, when the latest internet-breaking celebrity creation crosses our desks, or we uncap a game-changing serum that’s been years in the making, we get a certain charge. But nothing ignites the pleasure centers of our brains quite like an influx of face masks.

Those goodness-saturated sheets, all drippy and sci-fi cool; translucent gels redolent of freshly plucked herbs; tubes and pots full of skin-drenching balms. Muddy pore-purifiers that render skin born-again. Pure dopamine, we tell you. Masks deliver this rare combination of sybaritic appeal and instant payoff while requiring almost zero effort on our parts.

But can you imagine if they were even better than they already are? If we could take masking to the next level? Whoa. Well, after chatting up some top derms and brainstorming with the sheet-obsessed purveyors of Korean beauty imports, we’ve learned that this can be a reality. Ahead, 11 easy mask-enhancing hacks prepare to double your pleasure.” [read more]

There are some great tips/tricks/hacks within the slideshow! Enjoy!

[Photo and Intro Blurb directly taken from the read more link above, credit and copyright solely belong to them.]

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