PinchMe more and then some.

I’m so behind on my blog posts! I think I got these in January. They came in three separate packages – I guess because some of them were sent directly from the source?


So for that “score”, I got:

  • Well at Walgreens Super Perfection Silk Tampons
  • another $100 Wine Voucher from
  • Sundown Naturals Co Q-10 Gluten-Free Gummies
  • Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (got this for my kiddo who has an occasional flakage issue), it’s a pretty decent size 4 oz.
  • Truvia packets

This month, I forgot to set an alarm for sample day, but it wouldn’t have mattered as I got an email stating that I didn’t qualify for any samples. I was able to enter a giveaway they were holding though.

I mentioned in my last PinchMe post that I was debating just dropping my efforts with it, I think that it’s getting more and more likely that I will. Not sure that it is really worth all the fuss!

Since this post is about samples, might as well throw in some other samples that have wandered in through my mailbox from last month or this month 🙂

  • 20160301_002911Hyalo Gyn – Vaginal Hydrating Gel: TMI, I don’t currently have a chronically dry vagina, but I’m getting older, so who knows when I’ll start needing this! Good to have it rather than not, right? That’s my thinking anyway. Plus you never know, it might make intercourse better!
  • 20160301_003049Emergen-C packets. I’ve tried the Vitamin C one before, but not the Nighttime Sleep Aid. If it weren’t already waaaay late, I’d try that tonight, but I have to be up and awake in less than 5 hours.
  • 20160301_002534Sometimes that kid in me comes out. I signed up to receive these free, but didn’t realize they were going to send me 20 of them!!! Energy Star‘s Join The Lorax Activity Book. It’s more like a booklet, as it only has a couple of pages, but it’s cute. I think for the other 19, I’m going to try to donate it to a school or something.
  • 20160301_002731Got another surprise gift from Biosssance, a sample of their new  The Nourisher product. Haven’t used it yet, since I’m testing another serum right now, but am eager to try it!
  • 20160301_002812Degree MoistureSense Dryspray Fresh Energy 48hr antiperspirant. It’s been a while since I’ve tried a spray antiperspirant. I haven’t researched it, but I’m hoping that it is a deodorant too and that it works just as well as its alleged antiperspirant power. This is also not a natural antiperspirant, which is a bummer.

Have you gotten any of these samples? If so, what do you think of them?

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