Not if  you’re a shorty like me! When you’re 5’2″, finding good capris can be a bit of an issue when they’re longer in length and come to the top of your ankle or foot and then they just end up being ankle pants or regular pants. But luckily these still worked out for me in one way or another. My selfies, however, are another story. I need to work on that, but hate taking selfies in general, full-body ones are the worse! Plus excuse the fact that I didn’t bother to put on any shoes!

Anyway these are both by Virgin Only, a company based out of LA that focuses mainly on jeans, but do have other clothing products.

These are the Black Denim Capris (slideshow can’t be seen via email):

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The fit is okay, sized as expected. They are comfortable, but I got a size larger than what I usually wear thinking they would run a little small, but since these in particular ran pretty true to size, the legs are a little baggy on me and not fitted. And because I’m short, 5’2”, these come just above my ankles, making them ankle pants rather than capris on me. I rolled them up on the bottom. Unrolled, there is a very slight flare at the bottom edge, which makes them look a little off as ankle pants, so I would rather wear them rolled. They have some interesting detail work and trim. White accent stitch work, vinyl like trim along the pockets and as a patch/logo on the back top belt area, some metallic brand detailing here and there, and a faux rhinestone design on the back right pocket. The only thing I don’t like is that little white stitch line they put on the front near the crotch to the opposite side of the zipper, it just looks weirdly placed. These are a nice pair of jeans, had I gotten my normal size, they would be near perfect, but as they are now, I probably won’t be wearing them much longer since I plan on losing more weight, and may just see if I can pass them along to one of my friends.

These are the Fading Blue Capris (slideshow can’t be seen via email):

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The fit for these is a little smaller than expected, which is fine because I got a size bigger than what I normally wear after reading some of the other reviews recommending getting a larger size. (Though note this can vary from design to design, as you can see from what I said about the Black Denim above.) These faded blue capris are dark blue with some fading down the middle of each leg. On me these are too long to be capris, they come to just above the top of my foot, but they will work fine with a pair of ankle boots or booties. They have a lot of details – each belt loop is covered with little metal charms. There is white accent stitching along the edges and there is a stitch design on each back pocket, with more of those little metal charms topping off the back left pocket. They have a faux white leather and metal branding patch in the belt area at the top back right of the pants with some metal studs that are similar to the ones that adorn the front pockets. The legs fit nicely and the pants are pretty comfortable. I like the design, though think the branding patch on the back is a little over-kill. Like I said I got a size larger and it worked out fine.

I think this company has a lot of good jean designs, some of the detail work, like I mentioned is a little over-kill, but if you like that sort of thing then you’ll like these. I do like some of their shirt designs and have seen some cute jumpers by them as well (but I can’t wear jumpers, they just don’t look right on me). On Amazon, they’re not that expensive, but if you find them elsewhere they’re a little pricy.

*Disclaimer: These products were given to me at a discount in exchange for honest and unbiased reviews. These evaluations and reviews are an accounting of my true opinions and experiences, and are written in the same manner as if I had bought it at full-price, been given as a gift, or received as a sample.

You can purchase these on Amazon:

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