Quick Mussel Salad


It was late one night, I was stressed, and I wanted something… I knew I had these mussels in that Try the World Spain box and on a late night craving’s whim, decided to make it into a “salad”.

The Espinaler Mussels come in pickled sauce – which is, according to the list of ingredients basically: sunflower oil, wine vinegar, salt, and spices. When I opened the can, they were swimming in this deep orange liquid. It doesn’t look appetizing, but looks can be deceiving. The mussels were small, sort of the size of canned oysters.

I gathered together my salad ingredients (I thought I took a pic of them together in the bowl before I added the mussels, but somehow it got lost in cyber space). I chopped up some Compari tomatoes (which are smaller vine ripened tomatoes, sweeter than normal sized vine ripened), broke up some pomelo pulp (pomelo is like a grapefruit, but bigger and a little sweeter), and rough cut some avocado. Then seasoned it with balsamic vinegar,  and pepper. Topped it off with the mussels (less the liquid):


I thought about mincing up some shallots, red onions, or green onions, but at that point I just wanted to eat it 🙂 Though it probably would have been good to break up the smooth textures of the other ingredients a bit.

A little acidic because of all the vinegar and citrus, so could have used some rice or orzo to go with it, but it was so good! Exactly what I needed at that point!

I think I can get this brand or something similar to this product at one of my local gourmet markets or World Market, which is great because then I can make this again!

I’ve used more of the items from the Holiday and the Spain Try the World boxes (if you missed the reveal post, click here), so keep an eye open for those blog posts! 🙂 Have I mentioned how much I love this subscription box? Fantastic!!!

Want to Try The World, for yourself? You can get $15 off your 1st box. Link 🙂

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