Try The World – 1st Order


Being a foodie, I was soooo excited to place an order for this food subscription box. They were running a promo and I ordered the Holiday Box and got the Spain Box free.

Both came in pretty sturdy, thick, hefty shoebox-type boxes, impressive! In a beautiful color that I love. So you know I’m going to be reusing those boxes for something or another in my office/beauty space.

Each box comes with a little accordian-style culture guide, which I thought was great. I should have taken pics of these, but it didn’t occur to me until now. If I remember, I’ll update this post with them.

The Holiday Box:

It has a color-coded map, which I’m guessing are where each of these goodies come from, since this the 1st is a Holiday box, it shows “Global Desserts”, “Winter Teatime”, and “Peace on Earth”.

The description of the theme of the box: “Winter is our favorite time of year, and this Special Edition Holiday Box might just be the reason. Inside your box, you’ll find a selection of the best holiday foods from around the world alongside this Culture Guide that’s filled with experiences to share with those you’re celebrating with.”

Then there are description breakdowns of all of the items within the box. On the flip side they have a “Holiday Playlist”, the songs of which can be accessed via Try The World‘s website. Then below that are a couple of recipes that use some of the ingredients from the box: Cake with Sindyanna of Galilee’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and Cookies with Bazzar’s Acai Sauce.



I’ve already sampled a couple of these… deliciousness!

What was in this box?

  • Truffette de France Chocolate Truffles (Canada) – these were so good! On the outside was the powdered unsweetened cocoa (or it might have been semi-sweet as it wasn’t wholly bitter) and on the inside it was creamy chocolate goodness.
  • Sciara Hazelnut Cream (Italy) – haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds heavenly!
  • Teatonics Ruby-Red Restorative (UK) – Made with a blend of red and green rooibos, hibiscus, cocoa, vanilla, and licorice. The licorice makes me wary since I don’t care for that flavor, but I’m still excited to try this blend with all of the other flavors in it… I might have to right after this post.
  • Sindyanna of Galilee Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Israel) – I just love olive oils and I’ve never tried one from Israel yet, so this will be a treat!
  • Nyakers Gingersnaps (Sweden) – Though I’m not one for hard thin cookies, I’ll try these as they look and smell amazing.
  • G. Cova & C. Panettone (Italy) – this was kind of like a cinnamon roll, but not as sweet and without the cinnamon and raisins. So like a sweet bread dinner roll, but better! I could taste the candied orange, citrus and lemon peels that were chopped up within it.
  • Orientines Orange Peel Cookies (Morocco) – These taste like little crunchy shortbread bites with bits of orange peel throughout.
  • Bazaar Acai Dessert Sauce (Brazil) – Have yet to try this one either, but wow does it sound mouth watering! It says it can be used in savory dishes as a glaze or over pancakes. I wonder how I’ll use it! 🙂

This box was amazing and it came with so many items from around the world, it was definitely worth it!

Next up the Spain Box!


In the culture guide for this box, it has a map of Spain and where each item comes from within that country. The message: “Welcome to Spain. If there were one word to describe the people of Spain, it would be passionate. And if there were one to describe their country, it would be diverse. Within the untamed beauty of its countryside and coasts, urban centers vibrate with life and energy. Flamenco dancers, the Running of the Bulls festival, and dynamic nightlife make Spain’s many cities as striking and diverse as the country’s culinary heritage.”

They also introduce the Chef that curated the box, this box was curated by Jamie Bissonnette, “a 2014 James Beard Award winner, and the chef-owner of Coppa, an Italian wine bar in Boston, and the acclaimed tapas restaurant, Toro, in boston and New York.”

On the flipside is themed “Host A Spanish Tapas Party”, it has the playlist, which again can be accessed via Try The World‘s website and there are two recipes using ingredients from the box: Pan Con Tomate, and Gambas Al Pimenton. After that they even have a game that you could play if you hosted this tapas party.

I haven’t tried any of these items yet! Inside the box:

  • El Avion Paprika – I’m a fan of Paprika, it’ll be interesting to try a different kind from Spain direct!
  • Espinaler Canned Mussels – Oh, mmmm… yum, I love seafood! Can’t wait to try these! They’re in extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Oleum Hispania Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – A spanish olive oil, how cool is that?!
  • P. listo Orange Blossom Jam – I’ve had orange blossoms honey before, but not in a jam form. I can actually see pieces of blossom petals within the jam through the jar!
  • El Navarrico Salsa Tumaca Con Ajo – Who doesn’t love a salsa?! An authentic one should be nothing short of amazing!
  • El Almendro Turron Crunchy Almond with Orange – I guess they’re kind of like candies? Nougats with candied orange, honey, and toasted almonds.

I am just blown away by these boxes. They are fantastic!

How does a subscription work with Try the World?

  • Every two months you receive a box from a new country.
  • Each box contains 7-8 items curated by expert and/or celebrity chefs. “Try The World collaborates with notable chefs to curate the selection of products for every box. They make sure that your items are authentic and of the highest possible quality.”
  • They “work with small, family-owned companies who follow artisanal methods of production. The result is a box of items that are hard to find in the US, but loved by locals.”
  • “Each box comes with a Culture Guide that includes the story behind each product, recipes to make with the items, and tips to best experience the country’s culinary culture.”
  • “If you love something from a box or want to try other flavors, you can buy them again on the Shop. Subscribers receive special discounts and offers!”
  • First box ships within 2 weeks
  • How much does it cost?
    • Pay every 2 months, $39
    • Pay every 6 months, $105, SAVE 10%
    • Pay every 12 months, $198, SAVE 15%
    • All have free shipping.

If you like trying new foods, then this is definitely worth it! The only thing I wish they did differently is to have an option to be able to get a box every month. In between months there are boxes that are still going out. Like for January there is the Thailand box, which I would have loved to have gotten, but won’t be getting through my regular subscription as my next box is in February. However, you may be able to purchase a box individually without subscription and it’s the same cost – $39, free shipping. That’s what I did. So hopefully I should be getting that shipped out to me in a week or so.


Want to Try The World, for yourself? You can get $15 off your 1st box. Link 🙂


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