Matcha Green Tea Cake Cookies


As you might have already guessed, as much as I post about it, I love Matcha green tea! I’ve had it as hot tea, as iced lattes, in smoothies, but previous to this I had never cooked or baked with it. Soft, moist and/or chewy cookies are my thing, I love them. Don’t much care for hard thin cookies, so I wanted to be sure that I found a recipe that would cater to my tastes. I found a recipe on Food & Wine for Matcha Tea Cake Cookies, you can follow that link if you would like to make this yourself.

For my cookies, these are the changes I made:

  • Added in a half a hand full of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Used Smart Balance Oil instead of canola oil
  • Used Amaretto (the alcohol, not extract) instead of Almond Extract
  • I just had table salt, didn’t have kosher salt
  • And when it came to powdering at the end, I just used a scant trace of matcha mixed with the powdered sugar – and only a little bit of a dusting rather than smothering it.

I used the culinary grade organic Matcha from Matcha Organics (previously reviewed here).

These cookies came out light-weight, they were semi-crunchy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside. I wasn’t sure if the ice cream scoop I had was a 1 oz one, which made me question whether I was making them too big. Instead of rounding out the bottom, I just sort of packed the dough in there. The matcha flavor is just a hint and the cookie itself isn’t super sweet – in fact, I could have added more powdered sugar to make it sweeter, but I decided to leave it as is so that it would be more like a “tea cookie” as opposed to a dessert cookie.

Oh! And I ended up with 14 cookies, would have been 15, but ahem… I like to sample the dough, even though I’m not really supposed to since it had raw eggs in it, but *shrugs* I wanted to taste it! So I suppose I did make them too big considering this recipe was supposed to make 24 of them. Funny how it never seems to add up when I bake, always end up with less than I’m supposed to (and it’s not because I eat them, haha).

These looked and tasted delicious! Even my husband liked them – which very much surprised me, I didn’t think he would! He’s not a tea drinker.

I may make these again and attempt to mail some to my mom as she commented on Facebook that she wanted to try some 🙂

I also found a Matcha Muffin recipe that I want to try, and perhaps even Matcha Mochi. We shall see…


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