The Girl In Between E-Book Review

51VkKcy2VbL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp, E-Book Review.

Genre: Science-Fiction & Fantasy

This story is about a seventeen year old girl, named Bryn, that has a rare disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS), which is an actual disorder.

I’ve heard of sleep walking and narcolepsy before, but not this syndrome, so was curious about it and Googled it. From the Kleine-Levin Syndrome Foundation: “Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) is a rare and complex neurological disorder characterized by recurring periods of excessive amounts of sleep, altered behavior, and a reduced understanding of the world. The disorder strikes adolescents primarily but can occur in younger children and adults. At the onset of an episode the patient becomes progressively drowsy and sleeps for most of the day and night (hypersomnolence), sometimes waking only to eat or go to the bathroom. Each episode lasts days, weeks or months during which time all normal daily activities stop. Individuals are not able to care for themselves or attend school and work. In between episodes, those with KLS appear to be in perfect health with no evidence of behavioral or physical dysfunction. KLS episodes may continue for 10 years or more. KLS is sometimes referred to in the media as “Sleeping Beauty” syndrome.” [you can read more about this rare disorder here]

Bryn, as you can imagine, doesn’t live the normal life of a teenager. In fact, her life is constantly being put on hold because of her disorder, which is rather frustrating because she wants to be able to lead a normal life, go to college, and have normal relationships. In the many years that she’s had KLS, she, her mother, and her doctor have spent and exhausted resources to find a cure or treatment for it to no avail. That doesn’t mean that Bryn has given up though!

Whenever KLS patients have an episode, they don’t dream, Bryn on the other hand is an even rarer case, for she does dream. Under the sleep of her episodes she goes to a landscape/dreamscape that is made up of her memories – mostly inanimate objects and places. However, her dreamscape begins to change as a boy washes up within them. The boy, who has no recollections of his life or memories, then becomes Bryn’s obsession, she needs to find out who he is and if he is real and not a figment of her imagination.  Along the way there are things about her particular case of KLS that is troublesome and it begin to get darker and more disturbing in both her dreamscape and in her real life.

I was engrossed by this book and recommend it! I think what Bryn goes through in her real-life — social situations and home-life situations — is reflective of what a teen might actually go through in real-life. It does have some swearing, and some sexual situations/implications (nothing graphic and no actual sex scenes), so if you’re offended by those things, this is not the book for you!

I believe there are at least two other books in this series, and I have already downloaded Book 2 – The Boy In Her Head. Haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet though, hopefully this weekend!

This book is available via Amazon for Free in E-book/Kindle/Kindle App format (price and availability current as of the time of writing this post)


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