NYE Dinner

What was on your plate for NYE? Did you cook, did you order in, or eat out?

Normally, for New Years Eve or New Years Day we have something simple like black-eyed peas and ham for dinner, but since we had all of that ham for Christmas, plus all those days following with leftovers, I wanted something different. I’ve never cooked a rack of lamb before, so it was a new experience!


Seared it before putting it in the oven.  I think I was supposed to render the fat top down a little more or trim it more than it was, but live and learn! It still came out fantastic!

Sauce getting saucy!



Yum! That lingonberry sauce was so good!  I served it with roasted veg – broccoli for the hubs and chinese broccoli for the kid and I, and mashed potatoes – seasoned with fresh minced jalapeno and a smidgen of truffle oil.

This is the recipe I used for the lamb and sauce: (link). I ended up cooking it in the oven 15 mins longer than suggested, let it rest for 10 mins, but it was still under-cooked (around 120 degrees or so from the meat thermometer – I really need to get a digital one!!!) and seared it a 2nd time, then cut it into chops, put it back in the oven on broil for a couple of minutes, and then let it rest again.  I know you shouldn’t do all that, but it really wasn’t cooking the way it should have. It was that fat layer that kept it from cooking to medium-well. I like my meat medium, but the hubs likes his meat well done and I didn’t know whether he’d like this so I also cooked up a side steak for him. He ended up liking the lamb, but also ate the steak too, lol. My man likes his meat! Haha.

At least now I can say that I’ve cooked a rack of lamb and know what not to do and what to do next time, if there is a next time. I’d love to try cooking a crown roast and a goose!

Now to relax a bit, maybe do my nails? And toast to the New Year. I’ll be back later tonight with another post 🙂

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