Mandala Adult Coloring Book


I’m the artsy fartsy type, though haven’t done much of it in the past year or two. I’ve seen these mandala type adult coloring books here and there and have always been interested in trying it. It’s supposed to be meditative and cathartic, plus the mandala has existed for ages, purporting to have “the power to promote relaxation, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, and support healing”. There’s a lot more information on this here, pretty interesting stuff!

Anyway, I printed one off and went to cook and eat dinner, when I came back my computer was updating Windows and we all know how long that takes (the 1st photo above was when the Windows update was at 76%)! So instead of getting out my laptop and going through the trouble of starting it so I could study (procrastinating basically… ahem), I started coloring on the print off. I have a large wood case with about 200 color pencils in it, but unfortunately, I have NO idea where it is, I haven’t seen it since we moved. So I found my watercolor pencils and used them as regular colored pencils – the paper I printed off on is regular printer paper so I can’t really wet it, yanno?

Here’s the final:


I finished it a few minutes before Windows finished updating. 🙂 It helped to pass time and distracted me a little. It was also satisfying watching it develop as I colored.

Anyway, I got this one complimentary in exchange for an honest review, but it is currently free on Amazon for Kindle or Kindle App users. (FYI If I’m not mistaken you don’t have to have Kindle in order to have the Kindle App – so download the Kindle App first if you don’t have a Kindle, then you should see the Kindle price for $0.00). Here’s a note though, because it’s on Kindle, this is what you need to do to print it (two ways, 2nd way is easiest):

  • Purchase it for the $0.00 kindle price (current as of writing this)
  • Go to your Amazon Digital Orders
  • Next to your order there will be three buttons, click on the one that says “Manage Your Content & Devices”
  • Find the item and there will be a button with three dots (under the “actions” column), click on that.
  • Click “read now”, then it should open up in your browser.
  • Once it opens in your browser, go to the last page and there will be a link to download the PDF.
  • Download the PDF and open it if it doesn’t open up automatically in your browser (if it does open up in your browser first, be sure to save it to your computer).
  • Print whichever page you want!


  • Purchase it for the $0.00 kindle price (current as of writing this)
  • Wait until you get an email from Audrey Wingate (the author/designer of the book) it’ll say something like “Coloring Books for Adults – Book 1 Outline Drawings”
  • Inside the email will be a link to the PDF. Go to the link and download (it may ask for your first name and email – use whatever you have on your Amazon account).
  • Open the PDF and print whichever page you want!

Link to purchase.

Want more? Here’s some more that I found free (again, current as of writing this), I’m sure there are a ton more on Amazon as well as via Google. They’re all on Amazon (except for the 1st one) so the steps above apply. I’ve downloaded all of these, but have only printed the one I show above, so as of yet can’t vouch for the printing quality of the ones below.

These are currently free only if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (10 book borrowing limit at a time; however, once you download the PDF, return it from your Digital Locker on Amazon and download another):

Color on! 🙂

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