share-logoI’ve been singing their praises since I received my 1st sample from them, but I can not say enough how great a company Biossance is and what they stand for. I don’t think this was to replace the bottle that they personally called me about and mentioned they had sent out to me last month that, sadly, never made it to me. Though, I never brought it up to them, as how can you ask something like that when it’s being given to you as a gift? Say, “Oh hey, that bottle you said you were mailing to me, well it never arrived.” Makes me sound like the south end of a donkey. I guess, I could have tactfully said something like “Hello, I was just checking in as it was mentioned to me by XXX that a complimentary bottle had been mailed out a little before Thanksgiving, but as of yet it hasn’t arrived and I was concerned that it may have been lost in the mail system somewhere.” But then again IDK, it didn’t feel right for me to inquire about it – that would be equivalent to something like asking about a birthday gift that someone mentioned they were going to get me, but I kept waiting for it to be given. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I went off on a tangent, so back to this… another gift to say thanks, and I am so grateful to them!

Yesterday, I was not expecting any packages from Fedex and when they arrived with this unexpected package from Biossance, I was completely surprised and touched by the gesture.  They had this lovely Happy Holidays card with a note on the back.



I realize that the card is printed, so I’m not the only one who got a surprise gift from them, but I can pretend that I’m special that way, right? 😉 hehe.

Though they don’t expect it back, but since they have been so generous, just to give them an extra plug, I encourage you to check them out (link) and if you haven’t already, get a free sample of Biossance The Revitalizer just by taking the quiz (link).

I hope they decide to continue the Embodied Project. I loved getting their weekly emails.

Have you tried Biossance The Revitalizer yet? If so, what has your experience with it been?




6 thoughts on “Generosity

    • I can’t recall off the top of my head how long it took for me to get the sample bottle from Biossance, I want to say it was less than a week. If you don’t get it within a week, I’d contact them to check on it. It’ll be sent via Fedex.

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      • I know right?! Hoping at least one of these times I’ll get something good enough to do a blog review about, lol. In this last pick, I only had 2 options, cat food and I think a toner or something like that. I don’t know why the cat food was on there since I changed my profile and removed my cat from it since he has a sensitive stomach and I don’t want to feed him anything other than what he’s used to.


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