Biossance Update


You may remember about a month ago, I received The Revitalizer sample from Biossance (this post). I used the little bottle until I couldn’t get another drop — or fraction of a drop — out. Literally, I was like someone dying of thirst, desperately trying to get the very last drop of moisture out of a container. Tap. Tap. Tap. Vigorously Tap. Yeah, no bueno, it was completely empty. (BTW that little bulb at the end of the dropper is not a drop of the liquid, it’s just a part of the dropper design.)


I absolutely loved this product. The product is amazing on skin. I love it on my lips especially. As with my initial post, it does have that slightly greasy feel, but I don’t mind it so much as it hydrates my skin. I haven’t used it in the past couple of weeks because I’ve been using all of those hyaluronic acid products and there was a period of time where I didn’t have any of the Biossance product at all. I just started back up again since I don’t have any more of those serums to review at the moment and I ordered a full-size. FYI, you can use this product with the serums and other skin care products, just do it in this order (allowing each to absorb into the skin before moving to apply the next): Cleanse, Toner, Biossance, Serum, Moisturizer, Makeup.


When I ordered I was supposed to get the Travel Set (which was a full-size + a travel size) and the Body Brush promotions, as that’s what I check out with and what was on my receipt, but I just received the full-size bottle along with the body brush. I’m guessing it was because I was only allowed to get one promotion at a time? Not sure, but I’m not too worried about it. The body brush is cool though! I have to research more into it so that I know how to use it properly.

But about three days after I ordered they had that “Buy One, Give One” promotion (two full-size for the price of one) and I was kicking myself for my bad timing! I emailed them about it, not whiny or anything, just one of those little friendly notes how I missed out and wish I hadn’t, but also about how much I loved their product and The Embodied Project (which I’ll cover more about shortly). Well, I think it was the day after, I got a call (day before Thanksgiving),  I missed it as I was out and about and they called a couple more times, but I was unable to take them at those times. Finally, the Monday (I think) after Thanksgiving, Ann at Biossance got a hold of me as I was leaving the parking lot of school. It was so nice to get a phone call from them thanking me for what I had written to them about loving their product – and she wanted to personally call me and let me know they were sending out a free bottle because I had just missed their promotion! WHAT?! I know right, how cool was that! I was so surprised and excited! She said they mailed it out on that Wed (11/25) that she had initially tried to get in contact with me. I haven’t received it yet, so I hope that it hasn’t gotten lost in the mail, maybe it was just sent parcel post. But wow, I’m blown away by this company and their care of their customers! They have an amazing vibe and you can tell that they are passionate about their products and even more so when others are just as passionate about it as they are.


Now with that full-size bottle that I ordered, of course the formula is exactly the same, there’s just more of it, but I love how the bottle is similar to the sample bottle, just bigger and more of that tear drop shape. And it comes in a sturdy and zen-like box, very nice! There is one thing that I do not like about this larger bottle though, the dropper is not the soft rubber that was on the sample bottle, instead it’s a stiff plastic-like material and it is tough to squeeze.  I ended up decanting some from it and putting it into my sample bottle. This works out anyway, as there’s less of a chance of contamination and I can refill my sample bottle as needed. That is the only non-positive thing I have to say about this product.

The Embodied Project, which I mentioned in my original post (link again), just pulls their positive vibe out further. They send out weekly emails with tips and suggestions on making a better, more uplifting life.  The themes of the weeks have been the following thus far:

  • Laying the Foundation for Wellness (I’ve linked to Week 1, just so that you can have a sample of what typically goes out on a weekly basis. I believe it’s available publicly and I hope Biossance doesn’t mind me passing this on – I don’t think they will though! :))
  • Discovering the Power of Ritual
  • Healing and Listening to Your Body
  • Loving Ourselves and Others Better

Each week they have sections for Surroundings, Soul, Self, and then a message/tips relating to Biossance. I encourage you to sign up for it, if you haven’t already (link), it’s free. And they are still offering a free sample, just scroll down their front page (link) and you’ll see the green bar that says “Click here to get your free sample of The Revitalizer!”

Disclaimer: Biossance The Revitalizer, I got initially as a free sample and ended up buying a full-size. At no time was I asked to write a review in exchange for those items. I am reviewing honestly and unbiasedly, on my own accord, as a happy customer. I am not in an affiliation program with Biossance and these posts are just my true opinions and experiences.


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