Bloat’s A B… Flat Tummy Tea – Day 1 + Persimmons!

20151114_123310More hype and gimmick than actual results? We shall see. I kick off the first day of four weeks today with this Flat Tummy Tea stuff. Curiosity got the best of me when seeing all the postings on Instagram for this and I jumped on the Instawagon, placing the order on the 3rd for the 4-week pack, and received it on the 10th.

The two packets of tea come in a canvas-like zippered pouch. I thought that the packets looked a little small to be able to use it for four weeks, but I guess if I follow directions carefully with measurements it should last that long? Time will tell…

What is Flat Tummy Tea?20151114_122718
“2 step herbal detox tea, specially formulated to kick that bloated and sluggish feeling and get you back to flat. [and works to:] Reduce your bloating, Speed up your metabolism, Boost your energy levels, Cleanse your system + improve digestion. Our tea cleanse is made with 100% natural, earth grown herbs.”

The FT>Four week pack is $46USD and the FT>Two week pack is $32USD.

I actually tried to start this on Thursday, by drinking it that morning with my oatmeal, but I ended up getting sick, putting me down for two days — hopefully, not from the tea, yikes!  I tried again this morning and so far so good.  The teas are loose (not in tea bags, so should be used with a strainer) and comes in two parts/steps (steps and descriptions from their website):

  1. Step 1 – ACTIVATE
    “First up, to get that flat tummy, you have to get your digestive system ready for the day ahead. Our Activate tea’s 10 natural ingredients will help pump up your metabolism, give you an antioxidant energy kick and get your digestion ready to start the day on an all natural high. #winning”Ingredients: Taraxacum leaf and root, Galium aparine, Camellia Sinensis, Scrophularia, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Mentha × Piperita, Carum Carvi Disambiguation, Melissa Officinalis, Foeniculum Vulgare.Drink every morning with breakfast.
  2. Step 2 – CLEANSE
    “No one wants to be that girl ordering a side salad for dinner, we get it. Our Cleanse tea works to detoxify your intestinal tract free of built up toxins and reduce water weight – basically two of the main reasons why some days you look and feel 5 months pregnant. It’s 7 natural ingredients work together to get (and keep) that flat tummy.”Ingredients: Senna Alexandrina pods and leaf, Foeniculum Vulgare, Taraxacum root, Mentha × Piperita, Melissa Officinalis, Carum Carvi, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rheum RhabarbarumWeek 1 – drink every other evening before bed. Following weeks – drink every third evening before bed.

The Activate tea tastes minty and isn’t at all bitter. I usually drink half a bottle of Kombucha in the morning before I eat or drink anything else, so I don’t know if that interferes with this tea  (or my digestion for that matter, my stomach has issues as it is!).

I’ll update in the morning with how the Cleanse tea tasted and how I feel after day 1. I won’t update every day on my progress, but maybe weekly. I guess I should take measurements of my belly huh? So that I have a before/after comparison when the 4 weeks are over.

{UPDATE: Morning after Day 1. Feeling ok, maybe a tad gassy :/, didn’t expect results overnight though. The Cleanse tea has a similar in package aroma to the Activate, there is subtle minty flavor, but it’s much milder. No other adverse reactions, which is good. I’ll keep up with this tea unless it makes me sick or gives me headaches!}

Qs4 my readers: Have you tried this? If so, how’s it going?

20151113_161112On another note, this is one of my favorite fruits! Whenever I see it, no matter the cost, I grab a bunch of them. This time around I found them at Dillons. Hopefully, I can snag more after I’ve gobbled these up. They’re not quite ripe enough to eat yet, maybe in a couple of days. But Yum! Persimmons are the best! Love them paired with gruyere cheese and crackers, sometimes topped with a bit of prosciutto or smoked salmon. Wish I could eat one now! I’ve read though, that if you eat too much of it in a short amount of time it could cause indigestion and/or constipation. However, health-benefit-wise, persimmons includes plenty of vitamin A and vitamin C, and may help decrease blood pressure. Popsugar has a nice, short article that’s worth the read – “Why Persimmons Are Good For Your Waistline“.

Qs4 my readers: What’s your favorite fruit or fall food?

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