Disney Cinderella Makeup Collection Set


Walgreens came out with this online only (at least currently) Disney Cinderella Set (found it courtesy of Nouveau Cheap’s post a week ago). I don’t really know why I got it, I mean, I love Disney and Cinderella and all that, but I’m not really into buying merchandise specifically because of that (exception being Minions, because I LOVE those cute little yellow guys). Must have been one of my “oooo shiny” moments.

But as it happens, recently, I was invited to join one of those Secret Sister things, where you have to send a $10 or more gift to one person and get 6 others to join so they can send to you and so on and so forth. One of the things my secret sister said that she likes is Disney, so I got two of the lip gloss and eyeliner sets so that I could give her a set of each of those.

The packaging on this collection is adorably exquisite, makes you want to keep everything in their boxes and put it on a shelf for display — but in my opinion, makeup needs to be used, plus I have no room to display boxes. Of whatever I am going to use, the boxes will end up in the trash (and landfill :/) sadly.  The collection, which you can buy ala carte here, consists of:

  • Ready for the Ball Eyeshadow Palette – this is really big! I didn’t realize how big! I thought the UD Vice 4 palette was big, but compared to that this is HUGE! I’m debating whether or not to give this away since it’s so big. We’ll see since I already took it out of the box and tossed the box.
  • Cinderella Lipstick* – two shades sold separately: Pretty Pink and Tick Tock (nude) – these swatch up matte, which is nice, but they’re not heavily pigmented and may need layering
  • Fairy Glow Face and Body Illuminator* – very nice shimmer!
  • Wish it Away Makeup Remover Wipes – decided not to get these
  • A Dream Come True All-in-One Highlighter/Bronzer/Blush – cute compact that looks like a clock, pretty big as well, and comes with a brush. I may put this into my box for a future giveaway.
  • Ready for the Ball Beauty Book* – adorable little book box with shadows (I only swatched the silver one, which was really pigmented, not sure about the others yet), blush, lip gloss, makeup brush, eye pencil, and a mirror that looks like a clock.
  • Crown Jewels Liquid Eyeliner Set* – black (Grand Duke), glittery purple (Enchanted Carriage), glittery silver (Against the Clock)
  • Past Midnight Eyeshadow Primer – pretty thick, I haven’t tested its primer eyeshadow-staying-power, but I’m putting this into the giveaway box as well.
  • The Gloss Slipper Lip Gloss Set* – clever name! a light pink (Melody), a milky peach (Your Highness), and a milky nude (Charming)

* Swatched below: Lipsticks Pretty Pink, Tick Tock (nude), followed by the 3 lip glosses (Melody, Your Highness, and Charming), and the 3 eyeliners (Grand Duke, Enchanted Carriage, and Against the Clock)


Swatches below: The 3 eyeliners again, Silver eyeshadow from the Book, and the glow face & body illuminator


Ready for the Ball Beauty Book and the massive Ready for the Ball Eyeshadow Palette:

20151107_221824 20151107_221850

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